Jack and Jill Extended Day is an after school program that helps K-4 students acclimate to having longer days. With fun & enriching additional activities, students who stay will feel more comfortable as they approach Kindergarten. To sign your PK4 student up for our Extended Day Program, please fill out the form sent home in your child’s folder. If for some reason, you need a new form, you may contact the Jack and Jill office or download a form below to print and return to school.




  • There is an additional fee for Extended Day
  • Student will need to bring a lunch
  • Pick up time is at 2PM (please be prompt!) AT THE PLAYGROUND (not the front door)
  • If being picked up by someone other than the student’s usual pick up person, it is very important to send a hand written note in your child’s folder so that we can pass that information to the teachers working extended day
  • If it is raining at pick up time, please pull your car under the awning. For Extended Day, we won’t wrap around the building like we do for regular Rainy Days due to the FBCA dismissal. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us in the office!